Welcome to the start of your journey with Modern Combat Martial Arts. No matter what level – beginner,  intermediate or advanced our MCMA Instructors are highly trained to teach and support you every step of the way.

Our team always welcome newcomers and help them improve their skills in all areas of fitness, flexibility, striking and self defence.

If you are a complete beginner we will give you plenty of attention and coaching to get you up to speed with our structured class training programmes, and of course you can book personal 121 sessions with one of our trainers to really fast track your fitness or fighting skills!

See our Personal Training Page for further information on private tuition.

Our Academy offers Mixed classes, Female Only classes & Children’s classes. On our Timetable it shows ‘Female Only if a Women’s Only class. Please read the description as some classes are also taught by a Female Instructor and some are taught by a Male Instructor.

We also offer Boxing classes which are mixed gender and will be stated in the description of the class in the Timetable or you can opt for ‘Fight Fit‘ if you would rather a Women’s Only environment and work on cardiovascular fitness, exercises and pad work with a Female Instructor. If you wish to train within the Boxing classes and learn the full art and maybe get in the ring one day and compete then please try out our Boxing classes.

The MCMA Kids, Juniors & Women’s Belt Structure 



Members are currently welcome to train in all classes or pick only one specific class. If you wish to grade and progress through our Kick Boxing syllabus then we can get you trained up and ready for your first grading test. Boxing traditionally does not have a grading structure so there are no Boxing grading examinations available. Just great training!

TLT’s (Training Level Tests) are not compulsory but offered to all members once we see a significant improvement in their martial arts skills.

 Some of our members wish to focus on Boxing as their main sport or hobby to just keep conditioned, healthy & fit, but others may wish to take it to another level and compete in the ring in a full contact Boxing Fight! Others may wish to train in the Kick Boxing classes and get fit and conditioned and have a lot of fun and others may feel they need more and push themselves to compete! There are no limitations with MCMA and you can train to suit your own individual goals and get exactly what you personally need from your hard earned training but with the help of a fantastic, friendly and supportive team behind you!

All we expect is enjoyment & improvement!


Training equipment needs to be purchased within one month of joining. New members are welcome to borrow club kit for their first few lessons. MCMA can advise on training gear to suit your training plan. At Modern Combat Martial Arts you can train hard to get strong, fit & lean with no pressure to compete but if you do find that you want to compete we offer another training programme which includes full contact sparring and specific training to get you in the ring. Personal 121 coaching can also improve and fast track your skills dramatically so feel free to speak to one of our instructors to find out more.

Please call today to book your FREE TRIAL!


Please visit our Timetable to view all classes available!

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