Krav Maga, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing – Kids & Juniors



Our Modern Combat Martial Arts Young Warriors Programme ages 4 – 9yrs involves blocking, striking, simple to learn, effective KRAV MAGA self-defence techniques from standing & ground positions.

image_00007Each level will become more challenging for the student but with great rewards. MCMA – KRAV MAGA will discipline your child and teach your child respect for themselves and others around them. With our extensive knowledge of fitness and conditioning along with our martial arts and self-defence experience we keep our students healthy, fit and flexible, feeling stronger and more confident to tackle life’s challenges.

Our Modern Combat Martial Arts Junior & Teen Programme ages  9 – 13yrs also has a structured grading level syllabus displayed by full belt colours for our students to progress and work towards improving their skills. Either as a newcomer, or making the transition from our ‘Young Warriors’ programme into the ‘Junior & Teen Programme, MCMA can teach you the skills needed for modern day street self-defence and also the discipline needed for martial arts.

The Junior & Teen Programme focuses heavily on real street scenarios and Krav Maga training methods, using specific self defence training. Growing up, using public transport and walking the streets on their own can be dangerous territory, which is why we use a specific & modern up to date self defence syllabus focusing on certain situations and ‘real life’ scenarios. Once of age our Juniors & Teens can make the gradual transition into the adults system which is available from the age of 15yrs depending on each individual student.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is focused specifically on the ground aspect of fighting and self defence. Even though it is a sport based martial art, it is widely used in other aspects of self defence training. We offer competitions and grading levels for our kids and juniors to work towards with elite Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructors from Brazil, MCMA offers the very best coaching to our students. Joint locks, holds and submissions are used in this art form and has become extremely popular over since the evolution of the UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championships.


Muay Thai also known as Thai Boxing originated in Thailand and is one of the most effective and hard martial arts. Muay Thai and Kick Boxing are taught to our students with a range of striking skills from kicks & punches to knees & elbows. MCMA offers competitions and grading levels to our students and of course discipline is a key factor when learning the art of Muay Thai and any of the disciplines MCMA offers.


Boxing classes offer our students the opportunity to train in a safe and welcoming environment and teach the students how to become a competent Boxer with a disciplined mind and with respect for the opponent. MCMA offers Boxing classes from 7 years old through to adults. These classes are fun yet give the students a fantastic confidence boost with lots of high energy exercises and techniques to learn all in one class.


  • Please note: This site primarily focuses on Women & Children. If you are interested in finding out more about our Adult Self Protection Training please visit or click on the logo link for more detailed information.